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Jocelin R Deneweth




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Monsters Unleashed: City of Flames

Ryder Skye just wants to go home but, as a child of a new prophecy, he is stuck working under an arrogant shifter. When he is tasked with protecting the boss's kid, the job is supposed to be easy. Instead, he is faced with something dark and powerful that not even he can dissuade.

Monsters Unleashed: Lady of Darkness

Theodore Emerson has had a rough year. Maybelle has taken its toll on him and his father has immediately set him on the path of rebuilding his life. His life is back to some kind of normal and he has everything he should want. He can now shift, his exams are dealt with, and he should finally feel normal.  
Except he doesn't, especially not now that a familiar face has come to drag him back into saving the world.

Monsters Unleashed: Dragon of Earth

Coming soon: June 1st 

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